Little House in Forest Acres

Friday, January 28, 2011

January (well at least for a few more days)

So things here at the Little House are going fairly smoothly with Mr. Little House at home all the time. I, honestly, was not sure how it was going to work out with both of us at home, but I have been pleasantly surprised. It has been a huge treat to have him around. Isn't it great when you don't have to take care of the kids and the house all alone?

Ed (also known here as Mr. Little House)has taught homeschool at least three times already this year so I could get out a bit. I think we have rather different teaching styles, but it's good for the girls to be flexible, right? A week or so ago, we read Stellaluna and made origami bats. Oh, how the girls LOVED and PLAYED with those bats. So, yesterday I bought a beginner origami kit from B & N for less than $12. This morning we made 2 birds, 1 butterfly, 1 frog with a gimpy hind leg, and attempted an elephant. The elephant was just above my folding abilities! Anyhow, I love listening to the creative ways they play with their paper critters.

I just ordered something from Etsy for the first time! It is a bit ironic, but I am allowing myself this item as a birthday present. I know it's a week away, but the item will take that long or longer to get here. I am trying to switch to the all cash spending method. This is HUGE for me b/c I will use my debit card for any and all items even if they are $1.40 as I did for a tea today. I used to be a strict checkbook balancer, but with on line banking, I have become a bit lax, and I think I would be less likely to make spure of the moment purchases if I had to pull out cash. Back to the purchase- I got a cute money organizer with fabric envelopes. I struggled with the purchase, because I know I could actually make it myself, but I have 3 other sewing projects going, and 2 of them are time sensitive. You see why I used the birthday gift card now.

I hope to post some pics next weekend, but I am hosting a "sew in" on my birthday. I have 6 dear friends who also sew. We are going to fill up the room above our garage and sew all day. Doesn't that sound like fun? I think so. Now, I have to get up there and make it presentable (or at least decent). The girlies made a big mess last time we were up there. I was so caught up in my project that I didn't even notice until it was time to come down and get dinner together.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Getting Ready For The New Year

We are beginning the newness around here a bit early. As I type, I am waiting for my dear husband to arrive home from work for the last time for the next 365 days. That's right- his year off begins officially tomorrow, Dec. 31st. I'm sure there will be more news about that later as we really get into the nitty gritty of how it's going to change life around. I am not accustomed to having an extra set of hands during daylight hours so I have high hopes!

We had a great Christmas in Kentucky. We were able to see nearly all of my family. This was a real treat for which I am very grateful. We are currently enjoying the last few days of "school break" and wearing whatever clothes happen to land on our backs. Next week, nearly all of our regular activities resume. We have a new family addition, Brooke and Clay have welcomed baby #7, Jackson Scott, a precious redhead, and I can barely keep myself from driving up to see him. Well, actually, we had one dramatic event over Christmas, and it won't surprise you that it did involve my mini-van. Yes, that is the same mini-van that is just 1 year old that was hit by a deer last Christmas. This time Ed sort of backed into a tree in my Mom's yard. I am sporting a wonderful plastic and duct tape rear view mirror. I guess a girl from Appalachia just cannot get away from duct tape after all. Official repairs begin in 4 days!

The photos above are totally random from the last quarter of the year (the months when I didn't blog at all)....Happy New Year to All!

Saturday, October 30, 2010


It really is too bad the blog posts that I write in my head do not jump into the computer. So, you are left with what I actually sit down to type.

Things we have been doing or enjoying around our little house this past month:

1. Both girls are reading! Homeschool is such a blessing.
2. New neighbors with 2 sweet little girls.
3. American Heritage Girls ( A Christian scouting organization)
4. Baking fun things with the girls
5. Counting down until Ed is off for an entire year.
6. Sewing some sweet new and challenging projects for the girls. I'm getting more creative.
7. Ed took both girls to Georgia for a weekend! I got some quiet time alone.
8. I moved my sewing room to the room over the garage. I love it up there, and I have reclaimed our lovely dining room for possible dinner parties!
9. The weather is just now even hinting at true fall weather, but I love it.
10. Ed got the girls new bikes as early birthday presents. They really look like BIG girls on them.
11. Jenna has lost 2 teeth, and Ava has a loose one.

That's all for now.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ten Apples Up on Top

This past Friday, we left all the laundry and dirty dishes behind as we headed up the road to Sky Top apple orchard. We met Clay and Brooke plus 6 (and 2 extra kiddos) to pick apples and eat donuts. This is the first time I have made it to pick in September, and let me just say it was hot in the sun. We picked apples and enjoyed donuts. The kids played and had a great time.
We have since been eating a lot of apples- cooked apples, apple cake, raw apples, apples with caramel dip and you get the idea. We've been reading books about apples, learning about Johnny Appleseed and making our own little books about apples, too. I do love this time of year with the anticipation of cooler weather.
Ava & Jenna have started American Heritage Girls which is a Christian scouting organization for girls. I am co-leading their group of 20 something Pathfinders. This group has been around since the mid '90's but this is the first troop in Columbia. We are learning as we go! That's what has been going on at our little house. P.S. We do have a new children's book which is sweet and cute. If you like Beatrix Potter, you will like these books as well. It is the complete Brambly Hedge by Jill Barklem. It is about little field mice. There is a story for each season plus a few more. The illustrations are so divine.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Fairytale Princesses

So, I continue to be a very bad blogger. I just can't seem to post as often as I think about it. Our week has been a whirlwind of activity. I'd tell you about it, but I am too tired. The girlies attended a birthday party of a sweet friend this evening wearing full princess (or mermaid) attire. Ava is most proud of her "dress up" hair.

I finally finished smocking ONE Christmas dress. I have also managed to sew each girl a cute tiered skirt for fall/winter. I hope to cut out a sweet fall dress for them over the weekend to start on in the next week or so. I will continue to work on the additional Christmas dress, too. At least, it is portable since the smocking is done by hand.

We have finished 5 weeks of school so far this year, and I am really trying to stay out of the "are we doing enough, or the right things" trap and just trust that what we chose to do for this year is sufficient.
I had a bit of a difficult day today, and actually, we did not do any school. I still have 4 loads of clean but unfolded laundry, and I don't even know how much dirty laundry. Those of you who know me well, know that laundry is my thing. I can somehow live with a dirty bathroom (ickk, but true) but ever expanding dirty laundry throws me into panic mode. I don't even know how I am typing instead of folding right now. Maybe I am being healed from my obsession with laundry OR maybe I have been overwhelmed ALL day and just cannot do ONE more thing. I am going to rest and read a book now. God is good, and I am going to rest in Him.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


I know it has been more than a month since my last post. Let me just say that we had a wonderful time in Wyoming. Maybe I should make a list of all the things I enjoyed. I'll start by saying the 80 something degree weather during the daytime and 50 degrees at night was glorious. Debbie, my sister in law, and I walked between 2 and 4 miles every day. I loved the landscape which is so different from things "back east". I have become a bit smitten with the whole "cow girl" image which I am only going to live out by dressing my children like this. Well, I did get some cute boots that I will wear when it cools off around here.
Most of all, I think I enjoyed thinking about the vastness of the West in times past-What it must have been like for the Native Americans 200 years ago, and at the same time what an adventure it was to settle that land for those brave pioneers who left their homes in search of a better life. I don't know if I could survive a winter in Wyoming or Montana, but just a week in the summer was pure bliss. I have always liked the idea of being an outdorsey girl, but 2 things have stood in my way of actually pursuing this: a little bit of make up and a hair dryer. However, I will admit that I really felt more drawn to nature while in Story. Maybe it was the sound of the river, or sleeping with the windows open, or just the romantic draw of a new place, but it was the only place I can say I have truly felt compelled to be outside as much as possible.
Ed enjoyed fishing in the river. The girls spent a lot of time with Ed playing in the water and building a little dam and lake for their Polly Pockets. After the girls went to bed, we played many games of UNO with the whole family. Ed's Aunt Marilyn still lives in Story so we were honored to have several visits with her. The girls were able to play in the same creek Ed and Bill played in when they visited their grandparents as little boys.
Since returning home, we have been finishing up some projects at home and getting ready to start school on Monday. Jenna has BINGO all set up for us to play so I guess you know what I'm doing next.

Welcome, New Pets

These are the newest members of our family. The guinea pigs are Blaster and Darwin. They are sweet and cuddly, and the girls absolutely LOVE them. We've had them since we got home from Wyoming, and I must say even I like them.